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16 September 2012

Guest Blogger: Angie Smith

Tomorrow I will be editing the lovely Edith Bowman’s wardrobe and generally having a good old sort out so everything is in order for Autumn/Winter.  This is one of my favourite parts of my job and something that I think is very hard to do with your own wardrobe, so why not be a bit ruthless and make today your clear out day !

Here are my top tips for editing your own wardrobe and making sure that you always having something to wear ;

  1. Aim to have a total clear out twice a year where you take everything out of your wardrobe and clean inside it. Why not place a couple of scented candles in the bottom of your wardrobe, they will give off a lovely subtle scent every time you open the doors.
  2. Make 3 piles of clothes / shoes / accessories – everything you where a lot, everything you wear now and again and everything you haven’t worn in the last year.
  3. Hang the pieces you wear a lot back in your wardrobe in whichever order makes sense to you ie. hang in colour order or hang all tops together, trousers together etc, it’s very individual how people get dressesd so there isn’t one rule for everyone on how your wardrobe should be organised.
  4. Ask yourself would you wear the pieces in the ‘now and again’ pile if you had more options to wear them with, ie do you need to invest in more classic items so you can get more wear out of your not so classic items.
  5. And finally items in the ‘over a year pile’ should be carefully picked through, if you have really special vintage pieces or items of sentimental value then get them boxed up and put elsewhere so your wardrobe is clear to really WORK as a wardrobe. The rest can either be sent to the charity shop, car booted or put on ebay.

Top Tips

Make sure everything has a place, buy dividers for accessories and scarves.  Hangers are so important and can create more space if you have good ones so its worth investing. Also can you see what’s in your wardrobe? Lighting is often over looked.

It’s common for people to find that they buy a lot of the same thing and it’s often, black trousers or jeans.  I would suggest in this case that you operate a one in one out policy so if you really must buy another pair of amazing black trousers then you’ll have to give up some that you have already – you will soon realise how many pairs you are buying and hopefully STOP.

Be realistic, if you are constantly moaning that you have nothing to wear and you are shopping and spending money on clothes then you may not be aware of your body shape or what really suits you.  Ask your most honest friend to come over a bottle of wine and to tell you what’s a hit or a miss in your wardrobe as you try on absolutely every item !! If it doesn’t look good and make you feel good then BIN IT.

Mood boards are a great way of working out your style.  Look through magazines/online and put together a page of images for daywear and another for evening / work wear – you can have as many categories as you like. You can stick these inside your wardrobe door for on the spot inspiration next time you are having a moment.

Another way of making sure that you have lots of outfits in your wardrobe is taking a day to make up outfits and photographing the results, this way you will be able to see what you are struggling with and what you may need to invest in, do you have a really great white shirt, a classic blazer, have you found your perfect jeans yet?

Invest in quality not quantity.  Trends come and go so don’t be fooled into thinking you need to work every look that trots down the catwalk.  Know your shape and your style and spend money on items that you can imagine being in your wardrobe for the next 10 years.

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