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8 October 2012

Guest Blogger: Duffy

My Sunday's are usually a part day off, part pottering around the studio, tidying up and prepping for the week ahead. I was looking after my friends daughter Dolly so we went to the park, climbed some stuff, swung on things and ate flapjacks.

The most part of the day was spent painting and drawing for the both of us, with Dolly taking a more abstract approach to my design work for a commission. Buddy (the dog) always preferring a lap to his bed made constant attempts at achieving this position, which was eventually stolen by Dolly when she educated me on every Beyonce video in existence, this ended with a classic bit of animation when we watched Bambi. 

I ended the day unpacking some incredible gifts from my brother and by having a drink and dinner at the pub with Dolly and her dad.

 Dolly's abstract approach to design 

Buddy the dog! 

Lady B 

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