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17 October 2012

Introducing: Damilola Odusote

Being a person that just loves to draw, I try to keep my eyes open to all forms of inspiration, from graffiti characters, fashion, geometric shapes and textures to the complexity of single elements forming to create a bigger picture. Elements of this can often be seen through my illustrative work, as I fuse together smaller, often contradictory, ideas.

When illustrate for myself I rarely have a preconceived idea about the way the finished product should look. My ideas tend to grow organically and instantly, which allows me to remain open to deviation from previous ideas. I draw directly in Graphic pen, this leads each work to be unique in its own right, no time for mistakes. My pet hate is a rubber at the end of a pencil. The line work is definite and confident.

As a dancer and choreographer, I have an additional opportunity to express myself through another art form. I frequently use reoccurring signs and characters, alongside small inserts of text to reinforce a particular meaning without over complicating the overall image.

Coming from a small town in Essex, there were limited opportunities to express yourself through art. The norm was to work in a trade or in a big local business. Being surrounded by marshland and farming fields, I never really took my art seriously. Moving to London gave me a fresh outlook and boosted my productivity. My work aims to chip away at the ideologies forced upon us by society and the media, by looking at the oddities and imperfections and finding a peace within the chaos. It’s truly great to be able to exhibit my artwork at such an icon establishment as Browns. Which I believe is a pioneering force in bridging the Gap between fashion and art.

Damilola Odusote

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