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9 October 2012

Introducing: Dannielle Hodson

As part of our new space opening in menswear, 'The Grey Area', we introduce you to some of the artists whose work is available for purchase in store now! Today we're getting acquainted with Dannielle Hodson, creative director of the Maison Twenty collective, as she talks about her first experiences with fashion...

'Probably one of my first forays into fashion was with Barbie. Mum was a fashion designer and made leather stuff for all kind of people including John Taylor from Duran Duran and of course me so I very quickly made the association between fashion and glamour.

I remember turning up to school in a head to toe red leather outfit aged about 6 and everyone was staring at me. I guess I was mums guinea pig and so Barbie became mine. I used to use small scraps of leather left lying around and sometimes socks as they were small and find the best way to wrap her up in them. As I got a bit older I started to read fashion parts of all the magazines and save up my pocket money to buy the trendiest magazines, well the best you could get in Telford, it's not known for its diversity. I remember the names of designers, shops and places rung like buzz words in my ear, Kathrine Hamnett, Galliano, McQueen, Central St Martins, Browns, Carnaby Street, Soho... I had to go to London.

This feeling was confirmed on a science trip to The National History Museum aged 11. A second trip to London for the Saatchi Sensations exhibition was like an injection of adrenaline. I never felt so alive. I applied to Central St Martins, despite all my fashion teachers saying I would never get in. My fine art teacher tried to convince me I was better suited to fine art but was supportive either way and when I opened my acceptance letter I cried. St Martins was one of the most amazing times of my life.

I was always inspired by artist and I visited as many exhibitions as I could and it became clear that never really interested in the fashion shows so it's no real surprise I ended up an artist, or that my fashion label Maison Twenty is balanced between fashion and art. I guess this is what I was destined for. My fashion training means I approach art like a designer, I make collections that tell stores. I mix artistic mediums like a designer would prints or textures in a garment. Fashion is always open to experimentation, it sees more reason to do than not to do which I love and I carry this into my artistic practice. I enjoy the crossover of abstraction and reality, fashion and art and so I think I'll play here for a while...'

Dannielle Hodson, 
The Rhino is Heavy
Available for Purchase at 23 South Molton Street.

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