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12 October 2012

Introducing: EC

As part of our 'Grey Area' Space in our Menswear store, we're asking all of our artists featured to guest blog for us this week. Today's post comes from EC, a London based painter.

EC's Studio

“I have an interest in the psyche and the unconscious mind. The unconscious is really at the helm and so it serves us well to learn about it and from it as much as possible. Lacan said the Unconscious is constructed like a language. Language, free association, psyche, chaos and order are some of the main themes running through my work.

POPPET, Oil & Oil-based household paint on card, EC 2012

The Poppet Series of works that have been selected to show at Browns are connected to my interest in this exploration of the unconscious mind and my interest in language. My work is often set in motion by writing on the canvas, using automatic writing and free association. I started to paint these quite raw figures of a young girl and a woman repeatedly and the word Poppet came to mind. Poppet is interesting etymologically: “A small human figure used in witchcraft and sorcery,” c.1300, early form of puppet (q.v.). Meaning “small or dainty person” – Recorded from late 14thC.; later a term of endearment.

POPPET I, Permanent marker on A4 paper & Photoshop, EC 2012

It’s interesting that a word with the original meaning of puppet should be an affectionate term for a girl or a woman today! A puppet is something that has no sense of control or agency and is totally controlled by the whims and desires of others. A puppet is an object to be manipulated at will, something to project upon and used to act out our fantasies. I think of Shadow Puppets and this in turn links to C.G.Jung’s work on the Shadow Self and all the unrealised potential to be found, if we only have the courage to look there. This series is about a sense of helplessness but also about a woman’s individuation, more specifically about a woman’s release from dependency upon an external patriarch, of finding her own inner paternal ‘object’ and regaining her power.

POPPET, Oil, Oil-based household paint & Permanent Marker on card, EC 2012 (Private Collection)

That is what people are looking for – an Archetypal experience that gives them an incorruptible value… You see, they depend upon other conditions; they depend upon their own desires, their ambitions… Because they have no value in themselves… They are only rational and they are not in the possession of a treasure that would make them independent… But when that girl can hold that experience she does not, she cannot depend anymore… Because that value is in herself and that is a sort of liberation… She is able to continue her path, her individuation… The acorn can become an oak and not a donkey. – C.G. Jung (from a conversation about Transference)

Many thanks go out to Browns and Dannielle Hodson for giving me the opportunity to share my work in a new and unfamiliar environment. I think this new context or situation will affect the reading of the work. Who knows how it will be taken? I am curious to see...

(MOTHER) TONGUE, 102 x 72 cm’s, Acrylic & Oil on Cotton, EC 2012

Fashion...the attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse - Francis Bacon

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