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15 October 2012

Introducing: Mr. Gresty

Today we get acquainted with Mr. Gresty, part of our artist's showcase space 'The Grey Area'. Mr Gresty is an East London based designer, printmaker and English language enthusiast. 

Since 2009, he has been busy creating: screen prints, illustrating, books, T-shirts, exhibiting and curating themed group shows. You’ll see that multiple meanings and wordplay are a constant preoccupation of his work. This goes back to his childhood, Gresty was baffled when people tried to teach him to read phonetically. "Thanks for nothing sKool." 

This was captured earlier this year in Julio & Miles short film: Mr Gresty
 In July 2011 Mr Gresty released the first in a series of three English language picture books: ‘An A to Z of Twords’. Books two and three are coming soon (ish), but not before a collaboration with writer William Jackson, which explores the world of 'Biscuits'! Honest! 

Gresty created T-shirts for Maison Twenty's first two seasons. With bold typographic messages: 'We Me', 'VAIN', 'ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME?', The Old Me Was Young' and 'RONG'. On 18th October is the opening of Gresty's tertiary turn at curating a group show: Compare / Contrast. Organised with the aim of showcasing and raising the profiles of up-and-coming artists and designers.


Mr. Gresty's work is available now in 'The Grey Area' space of our menswear store.

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