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16 October 2012

Introducing: Sam Shendi

Today as part of our 'Grey Area' series, we meet Sam Shendi, whose comic sculptures can be seen in the window of our menswear store now! 

Frank Stella wisely noted that ‘a sculpture is just a painting cut out and stood up somewhere’, this statement can be justly applied to Sam Shendi’s work. 

The comic series of the ‘The Keyhole family’ repeated graphic brightly coloured and patterned character, whose appendage has been fashioned as tiny faucet tap, or a directional arrow one cannot help but smile at this playful whimsy. 

The different emotions we all share, we all go through. Sometimes, we pass through them; sometimes we get stuck in them. Beyond our differences of shapes, colour, education we all share the similarity of emotion and experiences. The focus behind this collection is to highlight the similarity between all of us; whatever we try hide or expose, admit or deny. The ‘keyhole’ symbolises our vulnerability and if someone manages to find the right key then they find our weakness.

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