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16 October 2012

Lauren Baker for Browns Halloween windows!

Here at Browns we love a good excuse for some theatrics, and there’s no better time to go all out on our windows than Halloween. 

We are collaborating with 3 different artists this year and are pleased to introduce Lauren Baker, an artist who lavishly embellishes skulls. A deer skull with ink illustration and antlers dipped in gold leaf and swarovski embellished spiked gilded human skulls will be on show at 24 South Molton street. 

Lauren Baker is renowned for her beautifully macabre skull art – her latest piece, an encrusted wolves head – took 132 hours to create as she painstakingly applied 7320 crystals. She has hosted a Damien Hirst inspired ‘Living Dead’ workshop at the Tate modern, in addition to exhibiting at the Southbank Centre for the London Design Festival in September. 

Her work has recently permeated popular culture, being featured on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ and in George Michael’s latest music video alongside Kate Moss. 

“Each skull has a different energy and personality and I name them accordingly. My aim is to give each deer an enchanted afterlife, restoring the skulls into something beautiful and treasured.” 

Lauren takes inspiration from all around her, including the tradition of the Mexican Day of the Dead, and her travels to South America where she joined a street art project in Brazil in addition to shamanistic studies in the Amazon jungle. 

Focused on the ethical dimension of her work, Lauren’s skulls are never bought from animals killed for sport, and she maintains strong links with The Deer Society. Discover more of Lauren’s work over at her site here, and drop by our store in the next few weeks to see her work for yourself!

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