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18 December 2012

Blogger Style Series: Chinti and Parker

Here are a few things that are inspiring us at present...

Neon accents and noise textures have got us pretty excited.
 (Image 1- Naked and Neon Table by Mathias Hahn; Image 2 - Digital artwork by Tchmo)

Monochrome never tires.
(Image 3 - the beautiful photographer and muse to Man Ray, Lee Miller; Image 4 -  a work by the artist Daniel Buren; Image 5 - A portrait of the playright, novelist and screenwriter, Francoise Sagan)

 Candy stripes and sweet shop colours
 (image 6 - more Daniel Buren; image 7 - multi colour erasers via

 Call it the Yayoi Kusama effect, but we’re dotty for spots
(Image 8 - red dot envelope via; Image 9 - ceramic art also via

Natural beauty needs no adornment
(Image 10 - Model in the Oysho campaign; Image 11 - linen bag via

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