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20 December 2012

Blogger Style Series: Chinti and Parker

Behind the scenes at the spring/summer ’13 Chinti and Parker lookbook shoot 

A sneak preview of Chinti and Parker’s spring/summer ’13 lookbook, collection arriving in stores soon...

We actually shot this lookbook last summer. Buying lead times around the world are almost two seasons ahead, so there’s a fair amount of intuitive forecasting that goes into a lookbook shoot’s creative direction. A fun challenge, especially when your hunches play out to be right.

So what goes into creating a great lookbook that you’ll use across PR and marketing, and to sell your collection to buyers? Well, it’s a mixture of vibe and carefully considered representation of your product: the clothes have got to look good and offer a true indication of what they are like in real life. This can be a hard balance to strike at times. That said, creating a lookbook is pretty darn fun, and with Chinti’s dream team comprising of the photographer Mel Bles and the stylist Becky Corbin-Murray, it’s always one of the most memorable days of the year.

Below are a few snaps of the action from behind the scenes:

Chinti co-founder Rachael Wood gives the 2-finger salute while photographer Mel Bles snaps away.

Our model does the gawky-chic crossed arm pose. Oh, to have those coltish limbs!

Photographer Mel Bles gives our model a little colour on what poses and vibe she’s after. 

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