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21 December 2012

Blogger Style Series: Chinti and Parker

Shoot for the Telegraph’s Christmas Belles feature

A couple of weeks ago I received a call from the Telegraph’s fashion columnist, Phong Luu, asking me to take part in a feature about Christmas style and my festive traditions. They must have a sixth sense over there because I LOVE pretty much everything about Christmas, from the food to the decorations and the chance to indulge my inner child with games and festivities. So thank you, Phong, and everyone on the Telegraph Fashion team for letting me spread the Christmas spirit, and may you all have a very merry one and a happy New Year!

Love, Rachael xx

P.S. Here are a few behind the scenes snaps and an excerpt with my piece. You can read the full article here

Setting up in the office - thank fashion for modelling lights!

I opted to wear our festive Reindeer sweater. You can also glimpse a peak of our SS13 collection behind me!

And for the full piece...

Rachael Wood, co-founder of luxury knitwear label Chinti & Parker, in Chinti & Parker jumper, Cos skirt and Lanvin shoes.

 "I'm all for cosy and comfy on the day, so I'll be wearing Chinti & Parker's take on the Christmas jumper. It's got a stag print, fluoro elbow patches - those tongue-in-cheek Chinti flourishes that set it apart from your average, cheesy Christmas jumper. I've had a fair few of those, though. One was made by an ex-boyfriend's granny - it was navy with snowflakes on. She knitted me a hat as well.

"I like to blend feminine pieces with something masculine or unexpected - a chunky knit with a lovely floaty skirt underneath, a leather pant and a hard boot with a pretty blouse. I don't tend to be too dressy - I always find it weird when you look through photos from an event and you don't look like yourself.

"At Christmas, there must be about 25 of our family at my mum's in Dorset, where I grew up. It's an old Victorian house, so it lends itself to Christmas well. We have three trees - Mum likes to go to town. Each tree will be colour-coded: the one in the garden is 7ft and decorated with fairy lights, the one in the hall is tartan-trimmed, the one in the living room is silver and gold. Under it, I'd quite like to find a pair of Miu Miu smoking slippers. She also has these wicker deers, which she puts lights around and puts them in the garden. It sounds tacky, but they're really lovely. All the rooms have log fires. It's all very festive. I'm a big child at heart, and my favourite part of the day will be the treasure hunt. I'll hide clues around the house for the adults to find - something like, 'I have keys, but I don't open doors.' And the answer is 'piano'. At the end there might be a bottle of wine as the prize. They all get really into it, pushing each other out of the way to find the clues!

"I love Christmas, it's just an excuse to party, drink in the middle of the day and eat too much. I don't understand why you wouldn't like it."

All photos by Zac Frackelton

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