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10 December 2012

Blogger Style Series: James Long

Yesterday my sister Charlotte and her boyfriend took me for a treat to the Tate Modern to see the William Klein and Daido Moriyama exhibition. What a treat it was! Also we biked there from Hackney, which was loads of fun as we felt like teenagers singing and laughing as we crossed tower bridge.

The exhibition started with a film by William Klein that was a mesmerising montage of bright kitsch advertising lights, there was something peaceful about the normally aggressive lights which I liked. The exhibition continued to show extraordinarily emotive photography, I love the shiny mac that the guy is wearing (picture 1), it looks so current. 

I love the guy who has a science varsity jacket too, so cool. The main feeling I got was how unaffected the people in the images were by the camera or kind of inquisitive to it, something hard to find now in a day of digital awareness. People today are taking pictures of everything and are very posed; I loved the naivety and inquisitive gaze in many of the images. 

My favourite piece from the Daido Moriyama was a gigantic work made of Polaroid pictures (picture 3) of the artists studio over many years. I loved this piece. It's really worth a look. 

 William Klein and Saudi Moriyama at Tate modern

 Polaroid Daido Moriyama

 Abstract William Klein 

I Didn't know of William Kliens abstract art, which I really enjoyed, especially this cube piece in yellow black and grey. 

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