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14 December 2012

Getting Festive with Ivana Nohel

Artist Ivana Nohel has collaborated with Browns on several projects in the past, including our Jubilee, Olympics and Halloween windows – and we were delighted to work with her again on our Christmas displays.

Ivana began her career working at the BBC’s costume department, later branching out into TV, theatre and eventually fashion. She started her own label in addition to working as a designer for Shirin Cashmere, Jean Muir and Janet Reger. After her foray into fashion, Ivana worked as a product designer for Hasbro’s Sindy dolls, and as an art director for Sony Pictures and Lucasfilm, before finishing her stint in the corporate field as Creative Head at Disney’s toy development team. Ivana now works freelance as an Illustrator, Paper artist and Creative Director, and lives in Hackney with her fabulous Jack Russell, Rocky.

All of the bespoke interior decorations of our South Molton Street and Sloane Street stores have been crafted by Ivana, including wreaths, twigs, leaves and presents. We caught up with Ivana to find out a little more about her and her work.

‘I have made three dimensional things out of paper since I was a child. I loved pattern cutting when I worked in the fashion industry, and made paper models of playlets I designed when I worked for Disney.

Paper is an amazing, versatile, magical medium that can be both strong and fragile. The two questions people always ask me are "How did you do that?" and "How long did it take you?”

Both questions are difficult for me to answer as I genuinely don't know how I end up with the finished product; it just seems to come out of me through my hands. Each project is different so there is no formula, I just start with an idea and the rest just seems to happen, often even to my own surprise.

The second question is somewhat irrelevant and amusing for me, I think people ask because the nature of the material dictates that the object is temporal, even disposable, and perhaps they wonder why I bother - and I can only say that creating these things is my whim, my passion and my joy - and I am always grateful for the commissions that I receive that enable me to play with paper and the work I have done for Browns has been particularly fun!’

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