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11 March 2013

Blog Takeover | 5Preview Day 1


Welcome to 5PREVIEW! We are very excited to be a part of the Browns Blog take over this week. Let’s start by telling you a little bit about us. We are a Stockholm, Sweden based label, which originated in Rome, Italy back in 2008. Our style is modern but inspired by vintage clothing. Our garments always include a little bit of cheekiness. We started as a t-shirt label and still get a lot of attention for our parody prints.

 This photo is the view of Stockholm from our office in Södermalm… looks like a postcard, right?  

There are only 5 people working in our Head Office (Yes, 5 people at 5PREVIEW!). We have an intimate work space and love getting creative. We are currently working on Spring/Summer 2014-15.

 When we started back in 2008, Emeli (the founder of 5PREVIEW) hand printed limited edition prints often using this cut-out method with fabric paint. We still start many print like this.

It does get a bit messy though! 

 Currently we are selling the new colletion for AW13-14 called ‘Ça Plane Pour Moi’. Here is a sneak peek for you fashion lovers out there.

One of our favourite (and extremely adorable) office additions is Sal the French Bulldog. Not only is he a fabulous softy, ready for cuddles and pats at all times he also acts as a muse and can be seen in many of our prints.

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