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25 March 2013

Blog Takeover | Maria Black Day 1

.:Black loves Brown:.

This is me - Maria Black.
I am the designer and founder of Maria Black Jewellery.
I don't always look this serious, in fact most of the time quite opposite, but it just looked so professional....I couldn't resist.

This is what I do - jewellery.
I create lego for fashionistas.... My rings can create the most intricate of patterns and my girls are very creative with their buys.
I have never seen anyone wearing the same 'hand' to this date.

These snap shots are from Copenhagen where my company is based. 4 incredibly talented and hardworking people hang out here on a daily basis, 2 of them are my partners in crime ...that does not include Ella the dog.
We LOVE coffee, il monstro is the pride and joy of the office.
I come as often as I can, because...

...this is where I work. Hackney east London is my home. It is, to put it mildly, a very intimate work space, but magic happens even in small shoe boxes (just ask Christian Louboutin). Over the next week, I look forward to showing you guys how I work, what I create and why I am so passionate about what I do.

This picture is from the gasworks close to Broadway market where I live. These rough, ominous and structural images are very common in East London and are an eternal inspiration in my designs...more about that later. See you Tuesday.

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