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26 March 2013

Blog Takeover | Maria Black Day 2

This is a collaboration I did with Anne Sofie Madsen, a Danish fashion designer. I created the jewellery showpieces for her Autumn / Winter 2013 collection, inspired by Jesper Just’s 2010 art film 'Sirens of Chrome'.

ASM's collection explores what it would be like to be a woman in a post apocalyptic city, a city where machines have begun to merge with humans, culminating in the creation of a sinister new monster.

To complement the futuristic inspiration of Anne Sofie Madsen’s collection, I used aluminum to create the ominous looking pieces. Once polished, these metals would be given the look of a fierce new beauty, a beauty that is both cold and unforgiving. 
Check out the awesome drawing by Anne Sofie, she is also a very talented illustrator.

This is me working in wax, creating the top piece of the Siren look. I had never worked with such big dimentions before, and it was a real challenge trying to figure out the different processes...but what an amazing feeling when it works out!!! 

A picture of the finished wax model before it was cast in aluminium. I chose aluminium as it is a very light weight metal. It is NOT an easy metal to work in... which I found out the hard way. My poor intern Camilla and I were covered in black dust all through January 

Picking out models for the catwalk... trying to figure out who will wear what and why.....Drawing fangs on their heads...and sometimes moustaches ;))

The finished look represents a predators teeth engulfing the head of the Siren. A protector, that threatens to eat you from within. Sinister.

I did a lot of sketching before meeting up with Anne Sofie in December 2012.

The top sketch here was the starting point of the finished look.

The final work sketch. What a pleasure and privilege it was to be able to work with such a creative spirit as Anne Sofie Madsen.

A true Siren of Chrome.

A quick behind the scenes video from the Copenhagen show...

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