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27 March 2013

Blog Takeover | Maria Black Day 3

I would like to show you guys a little insight into my:
Eclectic Avenue Collection

The inspiration, sketches and some final pieces.

A dark romance between African tribal imagery and a stark Scandinavian winter.

I thought it would be a real challenge to translate the visual and vibrant African imagery into the clean cut lines of the Danish design heritage.

Sketches of African masks... Check out my Goma ring from the new collection and see which one made it into the collection.

Some more quick sketches from a late night brainstorm. Must have been a good one because I can spot at least 2 pieces that made it into the collection.

Once I have a collection made up, I have the good fortune to go to Thailand to oversee production. I could show you a beautiful beach I visited, but then you would just hate instead I can show you some other stuff I did.

I am a very strong believer in pampering myself. Red wine body treatment!!? I do that every night J

Ping pong bars are very popular in London these days... ...
They are very different in Thailand!!!!!!!!!! You have been warned!

Remember the African masks from before?? This is one translation I did into my geometric universe. Look closely on the bottom half and you see eyes, nose and mouth. This Jagger earring is one of my favourite pieces.

A translation of a birds wing. There is a reverse part of this wing earring which the model is wearing. It is definitely 2 pieces that you can play around with. They spin and move to create different looks.  We loved it so much we made a collage of it!!

Speaking of spinning. This is a new take on my best seller, Monocle necklace. The circle spins and it is just fun to play with and sleek to look at....just like most women I know! 

Maria Black - Behind The Scenes from Lauren Michelle Pires on Vimeo.

You can shop Maria's collection online here.

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