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28 March 2013

Blog Takeover | Maria Black Day 4

A brief insight in things I wanna buy, beauty, inspiration and what makes me smile.

Happy Thursday everyone.

This dark navy blue playsuit from Acne (available at Browns here!) has me gagging for summer. I want it so much. Works with all my jewellery.

Alexander Wang just made playing cards cool again. How I love all things BLACK.

! I would seriously consider an addiction if their cans looked like this !

Nature meet Industrial. Industrial meet Nature... Now go make ART.


Wenzel Jamnitzer, Perspectiva Corporum Regularium, 1568

When you work as much with geometrics as I do, it's a real treat to stumble upon an old study of triangle pyramids...

Hahahaaa...imagine my great delight when I found this sugar brand in Paris last Fashion week. Sugar Daddy will make everything better.

'I don't do drugs - I am drugs' Salvador Dali

Celine pre fall!

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