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13 May 2013

Blog Takeover | BLK DNM Day 1

My ongoing inspiration for BLK DNM is strong, independent women. To me, there is nothing more powerful and beautiful than a woman with natural confidence, who follows her intuition, creates her own path, and uses her strength.

These are the women I build BLK DNM for and around. I design in key categories - denim, leather and tailoring - that really fit their lives, as varied as they may be. These strong, independent women are also the muses and collaborators I photograph and create BLK DNM’s culture of content with. Rather than another “fashion brand,” I consider BLK DNM to be more of a creative project.  I want to create something different, with depth and integrity.

Photography has come to play an important part for me. It’s a tool for me to understand more about the clothes, to study the woman and her character, to give her a platform to express herself. And the more I learn through this, the more inspired I become to create things that compliment and build on her strength.

We update the BLK DNM blog and instagram, which I manage personally, every day with fresh content, all photography I have taken, and often with quotes from the portrait collaborator.  Caroline de Maigret shared her philosophy on relationships and Kenza Fourati talked about her involvement in the revolution in her homeland of Tunisia. Most recently, I photographed Rila Fukushima for BLK DNM’s new custom Leather Project X and Gisele Bundchen for a special story we haven’t announced yet.

I wanted to share a sample of past portrait stories, curated especially for Browns for the occasion. A new story for each day.


Erin has real presence. She’s classically trained in Ballet, and her movements on set came naturally, strong and graceful. This first shot is among my favorite photos. A very cinematic moment. I also really like what she had to say about becoming an independent woman. These are ideas I raise my daughter Blue by. 

 Blazer 7 and Jeans 8

   Tank 10 and Leather Jacket 8

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