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10 May 2013

Blog Takeover | Lily Silverton Day 5

Friday! Yey! I’m ending this week with a selection of images of my current favourite artists’ work. All completely mega and all a real inspiration to me.

Linder Sterling

Linder’s critically acclaimed exhibition at the Hepworth Wakefield is culminating in the UK premier of her new performance piece, The Ultimate Form – a ‘living collage’ of music, dance and fashion. I’m going up to make an art film of my own of the piece with Linder for Linder and Hepworth are two of my favourite artists. I am seriously excited.

Walter Hugo

Hugo is the most game-changing, incredible young artist. This print was created by… setting alight a chair in the darkest wood in the world, taking a photo (the only light being that of the fire from the chair), then pulping the charred remains and turning them into a sheet of paper onto which the image of the chair burning was printed. Recycling at its best. I interviewed Hugo for POP just last week, you can read here if so inclined. 

Henry Krokatsis

Krokatsis works with a variety of discarded materials – broken glass, wood, antique mirrors, rubber – to create both functional and subversive art. His sculptures are fantastic, but it’s his smoke prints that really get me.

Ryan Trecartin

Trecartin is an astonishing video artist. His mirror-to-society work is abrasive and creepy as hell, but also visually stunning and really very clever. I love everything he does, but The Re’Search (Re’Search Wait’S) is my number one favourite piece to throw on during late night video editing sessions. 

Thanks for having me Browns!
Lily xx

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