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17 June 2013

Blog Takeover | 1205 by Paula Gerbase Day 1

I'm taking over the blog for the week and am looking forward to seeing the Autumn | Winter 2013 collection in the Browns stores very soon.

As an intro to the 1205 aesthetic I'll be featuring a few of the things that inspire and influence the philosophy of the collection.

Anne Truitt is an artist that I continually reference and is always on my mind. The interplay in her work between solemn, almost noble shapes, and the sensitive and playful treatment of colour she gives these objects has inspired and continues to inspire my own play with paneling, contrasting colours and textures. I also draw from what I interpret as an interplay of the masculine and feminine from her work - with certain rigid shapes paired with softer sometimes playful details, and these properties and contrasts which I explore within my own work for 1205.

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